Free learning platform to become an experienced developer – Upcase

Thoughtbot is a design and development consultancy company which has created Upcase. This accessible learning platform has helped thousands of developers level up their skills through workshops, videos, flash cards, and coding exercises and now is FREE and open to the public!

“We’re extremely proud of what we’ve built with Upcase, and we’re excited to be able to share it with even more people.” thoughtbot development director Chris Toomey explained. “Teaching and mentoring is core to our mission and a big part of what keeps us happy in our work here at thoughtbot. It feels right to make Upcase free and allow folks to share and reference it however they’d like.”

Upcase has lots of content! As Upcase grows, it offers intermediate and advanced great courses such as Mastering Git, Intermediate Ruby on Rails, Advanced ActiveRecord, Testing. It also features stand-alone videos that give you more deep info into specific topics like: Approach to Ruby or Optimizing SQL, strategies and methods for building tools in large-scale applications.

Upcase creators are extremely proud to share the platform and help you to become a better developer. You can log in with your GitHub credentials for free access. Please share this info with anyone you know is looking to have a FREE successful learning experience!